Biuro detektywistyczne Sojer

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Company Owner: Jarosław Car 42, graduate of the University of Bialystok, Department of Law, Specialization: Criminal Law.
Retired police officer, most recently worked in the Central Bureau of Investigations at the Central Police Station in Białystok
Our detective forces consist of former police officers from different departments who are highly qualified individuals. The professionalism, great experience and discretion are necessary components of all our detectives resulting in high quality provided by Sojer services.

Legislatory Powers:

- Detective License nr 1606

- Entry to the Company Registration nr 95093

- Insurance nr 0474746

- REGON 200068010NIP 966-083-79-38

- Entry to the Chartered Registration of Detective Services nr RD-10/2007 of the Minister of Public Affairs and Administration


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